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HB Servo-Hydraulic Compaction Simulator

The HB Servo-Hydraulic Compaction Simulator is a world-class measuring instrument for the pharmaceutical industry.  Although sometimes referred to as a research tablet press by the market place it is a sophisticated tool that enables formulation scientists to accurately replicate any tablet press conditions and test if the formulation is viable.  The HB Simulator brings a scientific approach to tableting because all the variables can be controlled and it measures precisely controlled conditions, including tablet compression profile (strain rate) and die temperature.

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Research Tablet Press



This is the third generation of HB simulator. It is based on proven materials testing technology and 30 years of development. The machine is specified to give accurate test results at all conditions. Heavy steel construction and no mechanical drives give very low vibration and very low electrical noise for clean data. It works as an excellent microscope on the compaction process enabling rapid and rational tablet development. 

The ESH Tablet Compaction Simulator accurately replicates real world tablet presses to enable the formulation scientist to quickly develop their tablet.              



Key advantages include high power and high resolution. It works over a wide range of applications enabling the collection of high quality data. 

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