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Pharmaceutical: Special Purpose Machines

Huxley Bertram has built up considerable experience in supplying pharmaceutical special purpose machines to GAMP standard.  In addition to our general pharmaceutical engineering experience we have developed three distinct areas of expertise, which are the Research Tablet PressInhaler automated assembly and Inhaler test  machines.

Our research tablet press product, known as the tablet compaction simulator is a high end product used by solid dose formulation scientists whose top need is to gather robust and reliable data.  The world's leading pharmaceutical companies recognise the superior attributes of the Huxley Bertram tablet press, which they use as part of their process analytical technology (PAT) strategy.  One of our clients has saved 6 months in their formulation timescale and another has had a return on investment in about 8 months.  The tablet press is used by our clients to achieve the best possible data on their powder formulation.  They have have been able to build up mathematical models on powder formulation behaviour.  For more information on this product and to see the video clip click here.

We have worked with a number of clients to develop both their drug delivery devices and assembly automation strategy.  Our experience covers pre-clinical to commercial scale engineering and automation.  The majority of our pharmaceutical automation projects have centred around pMDI and DPI.  One of our current projects requires a DPI to be automatically actuated and the dispensed powder weighed.

Where applicable the special purpose machines have been built to GAMP 5 standards.  We understand the validation requirements and the level of detail required in the documentation package.  Our pharmaceutical customers, amongst others include Abbott, Pfizer, J&J, and Merck with systems in the USA, UK and France.





























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