Special Purpose Machinery & Products

Design, Build, Commission, Support

Special Purpose Machinery with High Speed Unwind and Rewind functionality, designed by Huxley Bertram Engineering in Cambridge

Special Purpose Machinery

Design & build of semi or fully automated special purpose machinery for diverse industries such as food packaging, pharmaceutical, and semiconductors industries.
Servo-Hydraulic Powder Compaction Simulator with OEB5 Containment, with Simulator Control Software

Tablet Compaction Simulators

Huxley Bertram’s Tablet Compaction Simulators, provide tablet formulation analysis for Research & Development projects in the pharmaceutical and other industries.

Automated Lateral Flow Assembly System to build test cassettes for COVID 19 and other home diagnostic kits

Lateral Flow Device Assembly

Huxley Bertram’s lateral flow assembly system offers automated manufacture of lateral flow diagnostic tests, providing rapid detection of respiratory diseases.

Automatic cupping and Earing measurement machine. Measurement and Analysis of deep drawn Aluminium cups for the aluminium sheet manufacturing and the beverage canning industries

Earing Measurement Solutions

Huxley Bertram’s  Automatic Cupping and Contactless Earing Measurement Solutions for the aluminum (aluminum) sheet manufacturing industry and beverage Can market.