Founded 1979

Founded 1979

Founded 1979

Founded 1979

Special Purpose Machines

Huxley Bertram designs and builds turnkey solutions and industrial automation.

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Special Purpose Machine Designed by Huxley Bertram for Product Handling, using an Extended Transport System

Case Studies

Machines and mechanical solutions vary from fully automated, industrial equipment to concept design and mechanical aids.

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Tablet Compaction Simulator I Designed & Manufactured by Huxley Bertram Engineering Ltd

Tablet Compaction Simulation

Huxley Bertram specialises in proprietary equipment such as Compaction Simulators for the pharmaceutical and other industries.

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About Us

Founded in 1979 by Stewart Huxley and William Bertram, Huxley Bertram has become a leading bespoke automation and special purpose machine provider for major blue-chip companies in pharmaceuticals, nuclear, oil & gas, packaging, automotive, medical device, universities and many more business sectors. Clients range from small early stage businesses and universities to major blue-chip, international corporations. Read more …

Tailored Solutions

We design and build special purpose machines to meet your needs …
Turnkey Solutions for Special Purpose Machine Builds

Turnkey Solutions

Huxley Bertram designs and manufactures turnkey solutions as special purpose machines and automated equipment. Read more …


Huxley Bertram provides mechanical systems for a wide range of applications and continually develops systems with new applications. Read More …

  • Assembly
  • Automation
  • Bagging
  • Compaction Simulation
  • Cutting
  • Earing Measurement
  • Inspection
  • Intricate Mechanical Control
  • Laser technology
  • Linear Mechanisms
  • Measurement
  • Packaging
  • PC / PLC Control
  • Pick & Place
  • Precision Control
  • Process Analysis
  • Robotic Handling
  • Rotary Mechanisms
  • Sensing – Digital or Analogue
  • Servo-hydraulic Control
  • Tablet Compaction Simulation
  • Temperature Control
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Unusual Applications
  • Vision Systems
  • Welding
  • Winding / Unwind / Rewind
  • And Many More …

The company has vast expertise and experience in working with many applications, and in utilising and developing new and novel applications. If an application is not shown, Huxley Bertram may still have worked with it and, even if not, potentially still can …


In addition to expertise in bespoke automation and special purpose machines, Huxley Bertram also specialises in a number of proprietary products. Read More …

Tablet Compaction Simulators

Huxley Bertram Tablet Compaction Simulators are specialist measuring instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. These are proprietary machines, designed, built, and distributed by Huxley Bertram. The Simulators are used by leading pharmaceutical companies around the world; they enable clients to accelerate drug development.

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Earing Measurement Machines

Huxley Bertram offers two models for Earing Measurement: a Manual Earing Measurement unit, and an Automated Cupping and Earing Measurement unit. The machines have been developed with leading Aluminium manufacturers  worldwide.

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Industries & Business Sectors

Medical Devices
Electronic Devices
Consumer Goods
Oil & Gas
Food & Beverage
High Technology
Your Industry …

Huxley Bertram works with a complete range of clients (small and large) from all industries and universities. The list above is only representative and not exhaustive. If your industry is not shown here, please still contact us.


Clients range from major blue-chip companies to start-ups, early stage businesses and universities. Many clients choose to keep their relationship with Huxley Bertram confidential.


Latest News

Tablet Compaction Simulator Demonstration At CMAC highlighting Powder Compaction Technology

Tablet Compaction Simulator Demonstration At CMAC

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Tailored Solutions

We design and build systems to meet your needs …


The Huxley Bertram Powder Compaction Team had the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the servo-hydraulic tablet press at this year's @EPSRC_CMAC open day held in May.

#huxleybertram #tableting #PowderCompaction

PN Update: Huxley Bertram Powder Compaction solutions
#HuxleyBertram #PowderCompaction #Tableting

Huxley Bertram and Oxdevice have developed a ventilator for overseas requirements. http://huxleybertram.com/huxley-bertram-ventilator-covid1/

Increasing COVID-19 Testing Throughput - can any put me in touch with anyone who needs help in increasing their thro' put in COVID-19 Testing e.g. Public Health Lab Cambridge or Biosure Essex would be good places to start. Thanks #covidtest #biosureuk @InstPubHealth Thank you.

Do you have an 'established' design to match the gov't spec (https://bit.ly/3ape5Ah) for #ventilators #VentilatorShortage #COVIDー19. Can we help you make the parts? At HB, we design and build special purpose machines. Please get in touch.

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