Tablet Compaction Simulator Demonstration At CMAC highlighting Powder Compaction Technology

Tablet Compaction Simulator Demonstration At CMAC

Huxley Bertram – CMAC Open Day At the University of Strathclyde

The annual CMAC event gave the Huxley Bertram powder compaction team, the opportunity to demonstrate the Tablet Compaction Simulator based at CMAC and meet those involved in the field of material characterisation, drug discovery, and research and development.

CMAC offered visitors to the event a laboratory tour, which included an overview of the capabilities of Huxley Bertram’s servo hydraulic tablet press simulator.  Demonstrated by Martin Bennett, one of Huxley Bertram’s leading experts in the field of Powder Compaction machines and instrumentation.

Martin Bennett, Senior Engineer said: “It was great to meet people in person again. CMAC has very impressive facilities and it is a bonus to have the most advanced compaction simulator in Europe sited there.”

Huxley Bertram looks forward to attending the CMAC event in 2023.


HB50 Servo Hydraulic Tablet Compaction-Simulator for Powder Compaction Analysis