Tablet Compaction Simulator with Containment, showing Compaction Punch and Die

CMAC Open Day, Showcasing Tablet Compaction Simulation

CMAC Open Day – 16th to 18th May 2022

This year’s live CMAC Open Day will be held between, 16th and 18th May 2022 at CMAC’s Technology & Innovation Centre in Scotland.  CMAC is the world-leading centre for medicines manufacturing research, skills technology, and translation.

As a CMAC industry partner, Huxley Bertram will be showcasing its Tablet Compaction Simulator range. Delegates who sign up for CMAC’s open day and laboratory tours will be offered a live demonstration of the Huxley Bertram HB50, the high-speed, automated tablet press simulator.

Come and speak with one of our team about how we can support your drug discovery program and reduce time to market; learn more about the full range of Tablet Compaction Simulators offered, including OEB5 containment options, and the extensive tooling and accessories available, such as the adhesion punch, heated tooling, and tri-axial decompression options.

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