Automated Welding Assembly

This special purpose machine is a high-speed automated welding assembly system.  Supporting the manufacture of  4 battery cell variants and their base caps.

Batteries are fed horizontally via a linear track system before being transferred pneumatically into a rotary loading device where they are then vertically oriented.  Batteries are loaded into the first product nest, located on an indexing table, where the height and presence are verified by a fiber-optic sensor check.

Base Caps are bulk loaded into a bowl feeder and transported along a vibrating track to the welding station, where placement accuracy is assured to a tolerance of 0.1mm.  Each resistance weld is monitored to defined parameters,  those which fall outside the set parameters are removed via the pick & place assembly to the dedicated reject station.

Vision systems are used as part of quality control, in addition, real-time production data is made available, for example, cycle time, rejected parts, and idle time.

Product changeovers have been simplified with the application of Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) principles, reducing machine downtime and increasing productivity.

Benefits Achieved:

  • Improved quality assurance & quality control
  • An increase in production rates has been observed
  • Labour costs were reduced as a result of this project