Contactless Earing Measurement

Huxley Bertram’s benchtop Contactless Earing Measurement Unit (CEMU) is the next generation of our benchtop earing measurement range and utilises laser technology to accurately measure the earing profile of pre-formed cups and Cans in Aluminium, (aluminum) Tinplate and other drawn metals.  CEMU is compliant with EN 1669 and ISO 11531 standards, widely used in beverage Can manufacture.

Huxley Bertram’s technology offers the most accurate measurement of the earing profile, without the use of distortion causing contact probes, leaving delicate features intact. Earing results are displayed and analysed within the advanced earing analysis software, providing a detailed and rapid evaluation of earing characteristics.

Simple tool changes offer the flexibility to measure earing characteristics of varied cup sizes with diameters between 33mm to 100mm and heights from 15mm to 200mm, best used for small batch aluminium (aluminum) cup production or for analysing fully formed aluminium (aluminum) Cans.

Earing Measurement Machines

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