Compaction Simulation Machine Under Containment for research into the use of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Hazardous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Compaction Simulators Under Containment

Huxley Bertram Commission Multiple Compaction Simulators In North America

Throughout 2020 and into 2022 Huxley Bertram has extended its penetration, with implementations of their compaction simulators under containment, installed into major pharmaceutical companies throughout North America.  Huxley Bertram has completed Site Acceptance Testing of multiple highly sophisticated powder compaction simulators.  Designed and manufactured at Huxley Bertram’s headquarters in Cambridge (United Kingdom).

The compaction simulators under containment have been commissioned and successfully tested at numerous locations throughout the USA.  The majority are commissioned or are undergoing Safebridge-directed surrogate testing (Summer 2022)

The powder compaction simulators belong to Huxley Bertram’s 4G class of HB50 and HB100 Tablet Compaction range, which incorporate innovative advanced features and instrumentation, such as:

  • 1000 mm/s punch velocity, enabling the true simulation of high-speed rotary presses
  • Deep containment with hybrid configurations
  • Assessment of tablet “true hardness” through on-axis indentation testing
  • Tablet Testing Module (TTM)
  • Hiestand functionally enables the assessment of tableting indices
  • Enhanced usability and productivity:
    • Tablet output sorting via the smart sorting carousel
    • Automated, in-simulator measurement of tablet weight, diameter, and thickness
    • Automated in-simulator measurement of diametral tablet breaking force
    • Hybrid containment approach; OEB containment levels and usability provide safe occupational exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) and hazardous active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPI’s)
    • Streamlined simulator control software, with containment features and enhanced post-processing
    • Next generation feeders

Huxley Bertram continues to focus on continual design enhancements with the development of its containment features, with the purpose of increasing the safety and usability of its contained offering; the Tablet Testing Module (TTM) is a further example, which allows the measurement of tablet weight, dimension, thickness, and breaking force, without transferring tablets out of the isolator and the attendant scientist intervention, which traditional manual processes require.

The majority of customers are specifying containment configurations with the Huxley Bertram Tablet Compaction Simulators.