HB50 Tablet Compaction Simulator at Making Pharmaceuticals UK 2023

Huxley Bertram HB50 Tablet Compaction Simulator

HB50 Tablet Compaction Simulator at Making Pharmaceuticals UK 2023


Huxley Bertram and Chemlink Visit to Terahertz Application Group, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge

Sales Consultant, George Taylor and Head of Pharma UK + Ireland, Shilpa Mistry pictured with Huxley Bertram’s HB50 on-site at Terahertz Application Group, Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge

Huxley Bertram will support Chemlink at Making Pharmaceuticals UK 2023 on April 25 and 26 2023 with the HB50 Tablet Compaction Simulator.

Chemlink is part of Harke Pharma GmbH, one of the Global leaders in formulation materials. Huxley Bertram is proud to support them and their customers in showing how the materials are taken from powder form into tablets.

Huxley Bertram is a supplier of high-performance tablet compaction simulators to leading global pharma companies with a broad customer base in the UK, Europe, the USA, and Asia. Huxley Bertram will be providing formulation compaction simulation support to Harke by showcasing the HB50 Tablet Compaction Simulator on Chemlink’s stand at Making Pharmaceuticals UK 2023.

Please get in touch with us should you wish to attend the show and have a demonstration from the Harke and Huxley Bertram team or to know more about Huxley Bertrams’s Tablet Compaction Simulators

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Making Pharmaceuticals UK 2023

Compaction Simulation Forum 2022

Compaction Simulation Forum 2022

The Compaction Simulation Forum 2022, held in Lyon, France, concluded on 9th November 2022.  As a scientific conference, it brought attendees together to discuss and learn many aspects of simple and complex tablet research. As joint sponsors of the annual event, Huxley Bertram representatives Martin Bennett and George Taylor joined formulation scientists, academics, pharmaceutical manufactures and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Industry experts and academics presented their scientific papers, covering subjects such as “predicting tableting, using theoretical and empirical methods”.  Martin Bennett and George Taylor were on-hand to discuss Compaction Simulation testing options and contract development services.  Compaction simulation research and development services are provided through CMAC in collaboration with Huxley Bertram.  The CMAC research centre provides material characterisation studies, material sparing replication of dry granulation processes, and improvements of clinical and commercial die compaction processes, among their services.

Huxley Bertram’s Compaction Simulation team, look forward to attending the Compaction Simulation Forum in 2023.

Compaction Simulation Forum 7-9 November 2022, Lyon, France

Automatic Cupping & Earing Measurement Unit featured in Aluminium International Today

Automatic Cupping & Earing Measurement featured in Aluminium International Today

Huxley Bertram’s Automatic Cupping & Earing Measurement unit is featured in the November/December 2022 issue of Aluminium International Today.  Aluminium International Today is a print and digital journal focused on the production and processing of Aluminium.

Click the link below to read the full article:

Rapid, accurate, repeatable earing measurement

“The above sounds implausible for many people involved in Earing measurement, but Huxley Bertram’s Earing measurement expertise and equipment are making this a reality.”

Innovating in the field of Earing measurement.  Huxley Bertram provide two Earing Measurement Solutions for aluminium rolling mills, Can Body stock manufactures and organisations who are involved in aluminium research and development.

The ACEM automates the cup forming and earing measurement process.  Analysis data is automatically uploaded to a data warehouse for the batch release of aluminium coils. Additionally, the ACEM can be fitted with an automatic lubrication system to apply an exact sample dosage, and a rack in-feed system, for up to 50 aluminium sheet samples.

The Contactless Earring Measurement Unit utilizes laser technology to measure pre-formed aluminium cans, of varied height and width.  The CEMU diagnoses Can forming problems in seconds.

Join Huxley Bertram at the Compaction Simulation Forum

Compaction Simulation Forum, 7th to 9th November 2022, France

As a specialist in the field of Powder and Tablet Compaction, Huxley Bertram will be attending the Compaction Simulation Forum.  The forum brings together powder formulation scientists, academic researchers, scientists, as well as powder compaction equipment manufacturers, and service providers.  Representing Huxley Bertram will be Martin Bennett and George Taylor.  Both are highly experienced materials test engineers, with a specialty in powder compaction

The conference will open on the 8th of November.  The event will conclude on the 9th of November following a networking reception which is being sponsored by Huxley Bertram.

The event will start with sessions on understanding tableting using modeling and prediction. Day two will see Martin Bennett discuss “How Equipment/Compaction Simulations Companies are innovating to help their customers, at a round table.  Furthermore, Martin will be on hand throughout the conference to discuss Huxley Bertram’s range of high-performance Powder Compaction Simulators, in the conference vendor area.

You still have time to register for this event and tickets can be purchased here Event Registration.

About CSF

The Compaction Simulation Forum is an annual event. Ten events were held between 2012 and 2022.  The event is well-attended and provides an opportunity to discover “state of the art” in tablet formulation development.

Compaction Simulation Forum 7-9 November 2022, Lyon, France

Compaction Simulation Research and Services

CMAC Partners with Huxley Bertram to Provide Compaction Simulation Research and Services

Founded in December 2020, CMAC and Huxley Bertram established the Compaction Simulation Pilot Test Facility providing Compaction Simulation Research Services through CMAC’s National Facility team.  The Compaction Simulation Test Facility and services have proved to have been very successful throughout 2021 and 2022.  The offering is unique with the support of analytical services, available to the CMAC team.

The initiative is supported by the partnership between HuxleyBertram and the CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub, based at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK).  An HB50 Huxley Bertram Tablet Compaction Simulator specified with instrumented dies and innovative process analytics for in-situ measurements using terahertz spectroscopy has been installed at CMAC’s facilities.  Compaction simulation research is being led by academics and scientists at CMAC, with expertise in compaction simulation.  With cutting-edge application and engineering support provided by Huxley Bertram’s Cambridge-based staff.

Compaction Simulation Services

Varying levels of Compaction Simulation services and development are available on a contract basis:

  • Material characterisation and advanced compaction studies of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s), excipients, and blends
  • Routine powder characterisation, constitutive analysis (axial stress/strain
  • Compatibility, compressibility, and tabletability studies
  • Radial analysis (Instrumented Dies)
  • Advanced compaction studies: radial analysis, frictionless ejection
  • Die compaction (rotary press) roll compaction and capsule tamping
  • High-fidelity rotary presses simulation, including hybrid MODUL simulations
  • Material-sparing replication of direct compression and dry granulation processes (DC/DG)
  • Formulation assistance and optimisation including lubrication studies
  • Formulation design, development, and scale-up

Process Understanding Development

  • Compaction and materials science understanding by pairing compaction simulation with advised characterisation techniques: X-ray computed nanotomography, time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
  • Compaction thermodynamics, in-die temperature evolution
  • Microstructure analysis using terahertz spectroscopy and x-ray computer nanotomography
  • Troubleshooting of clinical and commercial die compaction processes

For further information regarding the range of Tablet Compaction Simulators, which include containment options, please contact us




Compaction Simulators Under Containment

Huxley Bertram Commission Multiple Compaction Simulators In North America

Throughout 2020 and into 2022 Huxley Bertram has extended its penetration, with implementations of their compaction simulators under containment, installed into major pharmaceutical companies throughout North America.  Huxley Bertram has completed Site Acceptance Testing of multiple highly sophisticated powder compaction simulators.  Designed and manufactured at Huxley Bertram’s headquarters in Cambridge (United Kingdom).

The compaction simulators under containment have been commissioned and successfully tested at numerous locations throughout the USA.  The majority are commissioned or are undergoing Safebridge-directed surrogate testing (Summer 2022)

The powder compaction simulators belong to Huxley Bertram’s 4G class of HB50 and HB100 Tablet Compaction range, which incorporate innovative advanced features and instrumentation, such as:

  • 1000 mm/s punch velocity, enabling the true simulation of high-speed rotary presses
  • Deep containment with hybrid configurations
  • Assessment of tablet “true hardness” through on-axis indentation testing
  • Tablet Testing Module (TTM)
  • Hiestand functionally enables the assessment of tableting indices
  • Enhanced usability and productivity:
    • Tablet output sorting via the smart sorting carousel
    • Automated, in-simulator measurement of tablet weight, diameter, and thickness
    • Automated in-simulator measurement of diametral tablet breaking force
    • Hybrid containment approach; OEB containment levels and usability provide safe occupational exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) and hazardous active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPI’s)
    • Streamlined simulator control software, with containment features and enhanced post-processing
    • Next generation feeders

Huxley Bertram continues to focus on continual design enhancements with the development of its containment features, with the purpose of increasing the safety and usability of its contained offering; the Tablet Testing Module (TTM) is a further example, which allows the measurement of tablet weight, dimension, thickness, and breaking force, without transferring tablets out of the isolator and the attendant scientist intervention, which traditional manual processes require.

The majority of customers are specifying containment configurations with the Huxley Bertram Tablet Compaction Simulators.





Work Placement Week 2022

Work Placement Week for Year 10 Students.

Huxley Bertram welcomed Luke Hales and Theo Silvester for their work placement week, this week. Both Luke & Theo are in Year 10 and attend Cottenham Village College.

The work placement program provided them with a varied timetable, including time with the electrical build team, who are responsible for fully wiring all Huxley Bertram Special Purpose Machines. In addition, the students joined the Engineering Design Team. They designed their own project using SolidWorks. Both created their own technical drawing, which they signed and stamped. Each design was initially 3D printed. During their time with our in-house CNC workshop, they also had the opportunity to CNC machine their design on the 3 Axis HAAS.

Work placements can be a bit daunting, so we asked our newest employees a few questions about their experience to share with others, who might consider a work placement opportunity at Huxley Bertram.

What was the best part of your week?

  • Having my design 3D printed or problem-solving with one of the Huxley Bertram Electrical engineers

What have you learned?

  • Asking for help when you need it is important

Would you come back?

  • I’m hoping there is a possibility to come back in the future

What do you like about Huxley Bertram?

  • All the staff are very friendly and there is always something to do

If you could share one experience about your work placement with a friend, what would it be?

  • Everybody is there to help you, and it is a supportive environment

Theo Silvester said: “Thank you very much for helping me out it was great to work with everyone on the team.”

Luke Hales said: “It’s been an interesting week and I’ve learned a lot about what goes on at Huxley Bertram, it’s been eye-opening and I’m considering the possible career options available in the industry.”

Huxley Bertram takes every opportunity to engage with local students. Introducing the STEM careers available in an engineering and manufacturing environment. This has been a great opportunity for Luke and Theo to experience a work environment and interact with the entire team.

We are also proud to have received a Certificate of Appreciation for 2022 from The Employability Partnership, which manages work experience programmes in the Eastern region.

As well as work placements Huxley Bertram accepts applications for longer-term internships and summer placements. We look forward to welcoming new students for their work placement week again in 2023.


Huxley Bertram's Certificate of Appreciation from The Employability Partnership, awarded in July 2022, for supporting local students in their work placements Work Placement Week 2022 at Huxley Bertram the student 3D printed a pen holder and a aluminium version in the work shop out of aluminium Work Placement Week 2022 at Huxley Bertram the student 3d printed a Fan Cover for their PC at home



INTERPHEX Japan 2022 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologies

ESTECH to Exhibit at INTERPHEX Japan 2022

INTERPHEX Japan 2022 will open its doors to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics world in Tokyo from the 13th to the 15th of July 2022.  The event will focus on pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.  It will be the 24th international Expo, with 31,000 visitors expected from throughout Asia.

Huxley Bertram’s regional partner, ESTECH Corporation will be exhibiting.  Located at Booth No. 3-6 in the South Hall of the Raw Material Processing Zone.

The ESTECH team will be available to discuss Huxley Bertram’s compaction simulator range, which helps predict tablet manufacturability.  Supporting formulation scientists globally, performing tableting research.

ESTECH will be supported virtually from Huxley Bertram’s UK HQ, providing live demonstration of the HB50 servo-hydraulic tablet press simulator.

Martin Bennett a specialist in the field of Powder Compaction & associated instrumentation said: “We look forward to being ‘virtually’ present at INTERPHEX Japan and engaging with attendees.  We will be answering questions about Compaction Simulation and how our machines can reduce tableting development costs and  resolve quality issues prior to full production.”

An immersive holographic version of the HB50 will be available providing participants with an augmented reality experience, via a Microsoft Hololens.

Live demonstrations can be booked directly with ESTECH –

Visitor tickets are free and can be applied for here:  FREE VISITOR TICKET



Tablet Compaction Simulator Demonstration At CMAC

Huxley Bertram – CMAC Open Day At the University of Strathclyde

The annual CMAC event gave the Huxley Bertram powder compaction team, the opportunity to demonstrate the Tablet Compaction Simulator based at CMAC and meet those involved in the field of material characterisation, drug discovery, and research and development.

CMAC offered visitors to the event a laboratory tour, which included an overview of the capabilities of Huxley Bertram’s servo hydraulic tablet press simulator.  Demonstrated by Martin Bennett, one of Huxley Bertram’s leading experts in the field of Powder Compaction machines and instrumentation.

Martin Bennett, Senior Engineer said: “It was great to meet people in person again. CMAC has very impressive facilities and it is a bonus to have the most advanced compaction simulator in Europe sited there.”

Huxley Bertram looks forward to attending the CMAC event in 2023.


HB50 Servo Hydraulic Tablet Compaction-Simulator for Powder Compaction Analysis

CMAC Open Day, Showcasing Tablet Compaction Simulation

CMAC Open Day – 16th to 18th May 2022

This year’s live CMAC Open Day will be held between, 16th and 18th May 2022 at CMAC’s Technology & Innovation Centre in Scotland.  CMAC is the world-leading centre for medicines manufacturing research, skills technology, and translation.

As a CMAC industry partner, Huxley Bertram will be showcasing its Tablet Compaction Simulator range. Delegates who sign up for CMAC’s open day and laboratory tours will be offered a live demonstration of the Huxley Bertram HB50, the high-speed, automated tablet press simulator.

Come and speak with one of our team about how we can support your drug discovery program and reduce time to market; learn more about the full range of Tablet Compaction Simulators offered, including OEB5 containment options, and the extensive tooling and accessories available, such as the adhesion punch, heated tooling, and tri-axial decompression options.

Register Here for this exciting event.