Tablet Compaction Simulator Demonstration At CMAC

Huxley Bertram – CMAC Open Day At the University of Strathclyde

The annual CMAC event gave the Huxley Bertram powder compaction team, the opportunity to demonstrate the Tablet Compaction Simulator based at CMAC and meet those involved in the field of material characterisation, drug discovery, and research and development.

CMAC offered visitors to the event a laboratory tour, which included an overview of the capabilities of Huxley Bertram’s servo hydraulic tablet press simulator.  Demonstrated by Martin Bennett, one of Huxley Bertram’s leading experts in the field of Powder Compaction machines and instrumentation.

Martin Bennett, Senior Engineer said: “It was great to meet people in person again. CMAC has very impressive facilities and it is a bonus to have the most advanced compaction simulator in Europe sited there.”

Huxley Bertram looks forward to attending the CMAC event in 2023.


HB50 Servo Hydraulic Tablet Compaction-Simulator for Powder Compaction Analysis

Cambridgeshire County Day – Showcasing the Best of Cambridgeshire

Huxley Bertram Attend Cambridgeshire County Day #madeincambridgshire

Huxley Bertram is proud to have joined the Smart Manufacturing Alliance as part of the inaugural Cambridgeshire County Day, held at Newmarket’s July racecourse on the 23rd of June 2022.

The free event was attended by 6000 people, including 2,500 children aged between 14-17 from schools throughout the Cambridgeshire region. Huxley Bertram Engineer Emily Woodhouse showcased an experiment, developed for the Launchpad initiative.  Based on a special-purpose machine, designed and built by Huxley Bertram to test the quality of hard hats. Excitedly received by the children who attended the stand.

Huxley Bertram joined many Smart Manufacturing Alliance members from across the region, focused on sharing the diverse opportunities available within the UK manufacturing industry and highlighting the growth of bespoke automation.

Steve Hales Business Director for Huxley Bertram said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate local Cambridgeshire businesses and great to engage with the school pupils from our local area, sharing the STEM opportunities available to them.”

ambridgeshire Country Day Huxley Bertram's Automated Equipment and Special Purpose Machine Banner Cambridgeshire County Day attended by Smart Manufacturing Alliance on the 23rd June 2022 Cambridgeshire County Day attended by Huxley Bertram, a global supplier of bespoke automation

CMAC Open Day, Showcasing Tablet Compaction Simulation

CMAC Open Day – 16th to 18th May 2022

This year’s live CMAC Open Day will be held between, 16th and 18th May 2022 at CMAC’s Technology & Innovation Centre in Scotland.  CMAC is the world-leading centre for medicines manufacturing research, skills technology, and translation.

As a CMAC industry partner, Huxley Bertram will be showcasing its Tablet Compaction Simulator range. Delegates who sign up for CMAC’s open day and laboratory tours will be offered a live demonstration of the Huxley Bertram HB50, the high-speed, automated tablet press simulator.

Come and speak with one of our team about how we can support your drug discovery program and reduce time to market; learn more about the full range of Tablet Compaction Simulators offered, including OEB5 containment options, and the extensive tooling and accessories available, such as the adhesion punch, heated tooling, and tri-axial decompression options.

Register Here for this exciting event.

Huxley Bertram Showcase STEM Careers with Cambridge LaunchPad

Huxley Bertram proudly supports the Cambridge LaunchPad Initiative

Cambridge LaunchPad is a movement led by science and technology companies that invest their talent and resources to show that STEM is for all, and to inspire young people into STEM careers.

As an industry partner of Cambridge LaunchPad, three of Huxley Bertram’s Junior Engineers engaged with 260 Year 10 students in Cambridgeshire over two days, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for engineering. The sessions were delivered through the format of collaborative classroom experiments and live online sessions. Providing real-world engineering examples.

Based on a Huxley Bertram design, the engineers developed an interesting classroom experiment, to mimic a test rig for shock absorption and penetration testing of safety hardhats, through a drop test from height.

Using everyday household items such as playdoh, a rolling pin, golf ball, and a ruler, students measured the drop effect from multiple heights to the playdoh billet.  The results were plotted in a graph to prove the theory that drop height influences kinetic energy and force.  The students responded enthusiastically, commenting “I like doing DT and I might do engineering now” and “I really like it because it wasn’t like doing normal physics.”

Steve Hales Business Director for Huxley Bertram said: “It has been great for Huxley Bertram to work with Form the Future.  We are immensely proud of our engineering team in both developing and delivering the Cambridge LaunchPad sessions, helping to inspire Year 10 pupils, and highlighting the career opportunities available in an engineering environment.”

Lisa Taylor, Cambridge LaunchPad Programme Manager, said: “Thank you to the Huxley Bertram team for delivering engaging content and sessions to our students, providing real-life interactive engineering examples, that will inspire future generations into STEM careers.”

In addition to supporting Cambridge LaunchPad, Huxley Bertram also welcomes applications for Year 10 work placements and student internships for 2023.

Huxley Bertram Shipping Another HB100 – with Containment, Tablet Compaction Simulator

Another Huxley Bertram Tablet Compaction Simulator is shipping from our Waterbeach, Cambridge, UK facility in December 2021.
The Tablet Compaction Simulator shown incorporates a fully validated containment system. The system accommodates up to OEB5 dependent upon the transfer level used. Rapid transfer parts, continuous liners or pass through / VBE arrangements can be provided.
The unit also includes a novel vacuum cyclone system to recover up to 98% of any powder collected during cleaning cycles.

If you would like more information please get in touch with us at –




New Contactless Earing Measurement Brochure Completed

Huxley Bertram have released a new brochure detailing the newest version of the Contactless Earing Measurement Machine. See below.

Project Manager

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Sales, Marketing and Business Support Executive

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WHITE PAPER – Fast and Non-Destructive Prediction of Tablet Dissolution by Terahertz Spectroscopy

Details of the paper published jointly by Huxley Bertram, University of Cambridge, University of Strathclyde, EPSRC, CMAC, and Teraview.