Work placement week 2022 at Huxley Bertram, Student is in the CNC workshop

Work Placement Week 2022

Work Placement Week for Year 10 Students.

Huxley Bertram welcomed Luke Hales and Theo Silvester for their work placement week, this week. Both Luke & Theo are in Year 10 and attend Cottenham Village College.

The work placement program provided them with a varied timetable, including time with the electrical build team, who are responsible for fully wiring all Huxley Bertram Special Purpose Machines. In addition, the students joined the Engineering Design Team. They designed their own project using SolidWorks. Both created their own technical drawing, which they signed and stamped. Each design was initially 3D printed. During their time with our in-house CNC workshop, they also had the opportunity to CNC machine their design on the 3 Axis HAAS.

Work placements can be a bit daunting, so we asked our newest employees a few questions about their experience to share with others, who might consider a work placement opportunity at Huxley Bertram.

What was the best part of your week?

  • Having my design 3D printed or problem-solving with one of the Huxley Bertram Electrical engineers

What have you learned?

  • Asking for help when you need it is important

Would you come back?

  • I’m hoping there is a possibility to come back in the future

What do you like about Huxley Bertram?

  • All the staff are very friendly and there is always something to do

If you could share one experience about your work placement with a friend, what would it be?

  • Everybody is there to help you, and it is a supportive environment

Theo Silvester said: “Thank you very much for helping me out it was great to work with everyone on the team.”

Luke Hales said: “It’s been an interesting week and I’ve learned a lot about what goes on at Huxley Bertram, it’s been eye-opening and I’m considering the possible career options available in the industry.”

Huxley Bertram takes every opportunity to engage with local students. Introducing the STEM careers available in an engineering and manufacturing environment. This has been a great opportunity for Luke and Theo to experience a work environment and interact with the entire team.

We are also proud to have received a Certificate of Appreciation for 2022 from The Employability Partnership, which manages work experience programmes in the Eastern region.

As well as work placements Huxley Bertram accepts applications for longer-term internships and summer placements. We look forward to welcoming new students for their work placement week again in 2023.


Huxley Bertram's Certificate of Appreciation from The Employability Partnership, awarded in July 2022, for supporting local students in their work placements Work Placement Week 2022 at Huxley Bertram the student 3D printed a pen holder and a aluminium version in the work shop out of aluminium Work Placement Week 2022 at Huxley Bertram the student 3d printed a Fan Cover for their PC at home