Contactless Earing Measurement Machine

New Contactless Earing Measurement Brochure Completed

Huxley Bertram have released a new brochure detailing the next generation in Earing Measurement, a Contactless Earing Measurement Machine.

Compliant to EN 1669 and ISO 11531, the CEMU diagnosis Can forming problems in seconds.  By utilizing laser technology the machine enables high speed earing measurement, analysis and results.  With the capability of measuring Cans or cups from 33mm to 100mm in diameter and 15mm to 200mm in height.

Key advantages of the Contactless Earing Measurement Unit

  • Rapid precision Earing Measurement
  • Automatic Grain Detection
  • Cup size flexibility
  • Advanced Earing analysis software

In addition to the base CEMU, the unit can be fitted with wall thickness measurement and back end/lid scan functionality.  By measuring wall thickness, you can identify punch issues during the can drawing process, lubricant application issues or tool wear issues. 3D polar visualisation of the back end of the can or lids allows measurement of curl height, overall height, curl radius, panel depth, inner diameter, out diameter, curl opening and countersink depth.

Want to learn more ? download the Contactless Earing Measurement technical overview, by following the link below.

Download: Contactless Earing Measurement Brochure