Compaction Simulation Forum US June 2019

We are pleased to announce that Huxley Bertram is once again sponsoring the Compaction Simulator Forum in the US. It  takes place 04-05 June 2019 in New Brunswick, New Jersey – more details here.

Current Vacancies

Huxley Bertram has a number of vacancies, please visit our careers page for more information.

Due to continued growth, Huxley Bertram is recruiting in engineering, manufacturing and business support disciplines. Please visit our careers page and watch out for more vacancies being advertised over the coming weeks.

Huxley Bertram attending Cambridge Network Jobs Fair May 2019.

Innovation Grant Funding

Here is the latest list of grant funding opportunities (here). Contact us if you would like to discuss collaboration on applying for any of these funds.

Huxley Bertram Shortlisted For Digital Engineering Award 2019

We are pleased to report that Huxley Bertram has been shortlisted for the Central and East of England Digital Engineering Award 2019. More details are available here.

Service & Commissioning Engineer Vacancy

Huxley Bertram is seeking a Service & Commissioning Engineer. You will help set up, assemble and test machines in Waterbeach, attend onsite installations and commissioning, conduct corrective and preventative maintenance, and provide after sales technical support around the world. The package is: £35,000-£45,000 + Overtime + Benefits. Deadline for applications is Mon 14th Jan 2019.

See here for full details / candidate brief.   


What is Earing?

An overview of Earing Measurement for Aluminium sheet metal and can manufacturers. As a leading provider of Earing Measurement Machines to sheet metal and can manufacturers around the world, Huxley Bertram is often asked, “What is Earing?”

“Earing” is a waviness in the top edge of a cup drawn from sheet metal. When a cup is drawn the top edge is noticed to naturally form an oscillating pattern. This results from anisotropy of the rolled sheet caused by the rolling process. Each peak is known as an “Ear” and “Earing” is the ring of ears around the top of the cup. Typically cups form with 4, 6 or 8 ears, in opposing pairs, at specific angles to the rolling direction of the sheet.

Why Measure Earing?

The type, size, position, and proportion of the ears can give significant insight into the quality, formability and crystalline structure of the metal. It is often used for batch release of sheet aluminium. To reduce waste in the can making process, as excess material has to be trimmed off, beverage can makers often specify a “Mean Earing” (% of variation in ear peak to trough vs can height) range from their sheet metal supplier.
Earing Measurement is also used in metal forming research and development.

How is Earing Measured?

All standard Huxley Bertram Earing Measurement machines use a low force high accuracy contact probe to measure the vertical displacement, while a high accuracy rotary encoder measures the rotation position. Contactless laser measurement of the profile is also an option. All our machines comply with EN1669 the European Earing Measurement standard.

How is Data Presented and Analysed

The data from our machines is output in a standard file format which provides easy file exchange and comparison between machines. Our Advanced Earing Analysis Software, which is provided with each machine or as a standalone package, reads the file, creates Cartesian and Polar plots of the data and carries out calculations to indicate the earing characteristics of the sheet metal.
The software uses sophisticated algorithms to compensate for the effects of skew often present in drawn cups due to uneven clamp forces or lubrication in the drawing process. This provides highly reliable and repeatable earing analysis results. After skew compensation a number of further calculations are provided:

  • Mean Earing percentage and absolute value
  • Mean Height
  • Numbers of ears
  • Max and Min Earing values
  • Additional values to indicate the validity of the earing measurement

Multiple different earing profiles can be loaded in the software at once to compare profiles and calculation values. The charts can be manipulated and scaled to make comparison easy.

For more information on Huxley Bertram Earing Measurement machines, visit here

Huxley Bertram Opens Additional Facilities

Huxley Bertram has opened additional facilities. The new unit opened in November 2018. It has 6,000 square feet of space and 5.8m eaves height, giving plenty of room for assembly, test and commissioning of tall systems.

New Huxley Bertram Website Launch

We are excited to launch our new website and say goodbye to the old Huxley Bertram site.

Compaction Simulation Forum Europe Report

The eighth Compaction Simulation Forum (CSF2018-EU) was held at University of Cambridge 17- 19 September 2018. Sponsored by Huxley Bertram, the Forum gathered 60 attendees from the UK, Europe and the USA. Sixteen universities from eight countries were represented, as well as eight pharmaceutical companies and ten equipment/services vendors. Leading UK companies such as GSK, Pfizer, BMS and Johnson Matthey were in attendance. The scientific programme included keynote addresses, podium presentations, flash presentations and posters. Martin Bennett, Huxley Bertram’s compaction expert, presented on the important effects of rotary tablet press elasticity.

Once again the CSF reflected a growing interest in numerical simulation as a companion to experimental simulation. Other important trends displayed at the event included:

  • Terahertz-based porosity assessment of pharmaceutical tablet
  • Continuous tablet production
  • The importance of servo-hydraulic compaction simulators in the field of tableting research.

Two similar events are in the planning process for 2019.

(Photographs courtesy of Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, and Daniel Markl, University of Strathclyde.)

Compaction Simulator Forum Cambridge 17-19 Sept 2018

Huxley Bertram is attending the Compaction Simulator Forum in Cambridge, UK. For more information on the forum, visit