Cambridge LaunchPad STEM Careers Experiment Developed By Huxley Bertram Junior Engineer’s, based on a hard hat drop Test

Huxley Bertram Showcase STEM Careers with Cambridge LaunchPad

Huxley Bertram proudly supports the Cambridge LaunchPad Initiative

Cambridge LaunchPad is a movement led by science and technology companies that invest their talent and resources to show that STEM is for all, and to inspire young people into STEM careers.

As an industry partner of Cambridge LaunchPad, three of Huxley Bertram’s Junior Engineers engaged with 260 Year 10 students in Cambridgeshire over two days, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for engineering. The sessions were delivered through the format of collaborative classroom experiments and live online sessions. Providing real-world engineering examples.

Based on a Huxley Bertram design, the engineers developed an interesting classroom experiment, to mimic a test rig for shock absorption and penetration testing of safety hardhats, through a drop test from height.

Using everyday household items such as playdoh, a rolling pin, golf ball, and a ruler, students measured the drop effect from multiple heights to the playdoh billet.  The results were plotted in a graph to prove the theory that drop height influences kinetic energy and force.  The students responded enthusiastically, commenting “I like doing DT and I might do engineering now” and “I really like it because it wasn’t like doing normal physics.”

Steve Hales Business Director for Huxley Bertram said: “It has been great for Huxley Bertram to work with Form the Future.  We are immensely proud of our engineering team in both developing and delivering the Cambridge LaunchPad sessions, helping to inspire Year 10 pupils, and highlighting the career opportunities available in an engineering environment.”

Lisa Taylor, Cambridge LaunchPad Programme Manager, said: “Thank you to the Huxley Bertram team for delivering engaging content and sessions to our students, providing real-life interactive engineering examples, that will inspire future generations into STEM careers.”

In addition to supporting Cambridge LaunchPad, Huxley Bertram also welcomes applications for Year 10 work placements and student internships for 2023.